I am an Austrian from New Mexico who went on walkabout in the southern and eastern United States before settling back in to the desert. My artistic leanings predate my memory of making art, I’ve just always been the type to have a project in the works. When it came time to choose a path of study, I knew I wanted something with artistic possibilities, which my (sometimes dubious) practical side balanced out into architecture. Through the Master’s of Architecture program at Tulane University I discovered historic preservation, which I ardently took up.


The continued use of old things, particularly imagining new purposes for them to be utilized, has driven both my professional and artistic directions. From early in my dabbling with jewelry, I’ve repurposed bits and beads from broken necklaces and earrings. When I had my laptop’s failed keyboard repaired, I was handed the broken one along with the fixed computer, and a spark of inspiration led me to take it apart. Since then I’ve had no shortage of material, given how common the phrase “I have a broken computer gathering dust, can you make use of it?” is as a reaction to my work. There is a lot of beauty hidden inside these machines we use every day, and often they’re sent off to the landfill without us ever seeing that.


In addition to jewelry I dabble in just about any art or craft put in front of me, from stained glass to knitting to woodworking to watercolor. When I’m not taking on far too many art projects, I restore historic buildings.


I can be reached at marasaxer at gmail dot com.

About Mara

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